Traveling has always been our passion. What could be better than sharing our travel experiences with others? That’s why we started blogging about our travels in 2004. Our blogs about adventures quickly changed to tips and hints for booking cheap plane tickets and hotels.

Many of our readers requested us to blog about affordable and reliable alternatives to parking at airports, like Düsseldorf Airport, Frankfurt Airport, and Schiphol. We often heard about bad experiences at non-official airport parking providers and that official airport parking is often more expensive than the plane ticket itself.

We saw this as an opportunity, thus Parkos was born. A website where you can compare, reserve, and pay parking providers in a safe environment. By conducting intensive market research and requesting feedback from other travelers, we have managed to put together the current range of Parkos parking providers.

We take all feedback from our customers seriously. This ensures that we continuously improve our quality, which for you as a customer means that you can safely park your car and travel without worry.

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