Speakers and Presentations

We have a host of engaging speakers and panelists who will be joining our event, providing insight on topics ranging from energy to the future of leadership. Our co-host, Berlin Brandenburg Airport will also be giving us insight into their operations. 

Richard van Hooijdonk

The Evolution of Leadership in Smart Cities - Keynote Speech, Richard van Hooijdonk

In our rapidly evolving world, smart cities are akin to living organisms fueled by technology and data, demanding innovative leadership. This leadership extends beyond the cityscape, as we enter an era where leaders must navigate uncertainty, inspire cultural shifts, and harness technology for success.…

Pieter Arts

Beyond the Horizon - Speech, Pieter Arts

In an era marked by rapid advancements and transformative changes, the energy and transport sectors stand at the cusp of a monumental shift. This isn't just about new technologies or innovations; it's about understanding the intricate web of economic implications, market disruptions, and the profound transformation of two of the…

Airport Parking Managers' Discussions

During the Airport Parking Network Event you will be able to join discussions where you can actively engage with your airport parking peers. Use this time to share your experiences to identify common issues and generate solutions together. From the topics below, you will be able to join two discussions. 

Airport Parking Managers' Discussion Topic

Technologies for Sustainable Solutions

Discover innovative technologies that revolutionize airport parking for sustainability and efficiency. In an era where environmental responsibility and operational excellence are paramount, these cutting-edge advancements not only streamline parking operations but also contribute to a more eco-conscious future for airports and their travelers.…

Airport Parking Managers' Discussion Topic

Pricing and Revenue Management Solutions

Explore the significance of advanced pricing and revenue management solutions for airports. These strategies and technologies enhance profitability, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction while promoting environmental responsibility and future-proofing airport parking facilities.…

Airport Parking Managers' Discussion Topic

Leading the EV Charging Revolution with Infrastructure Upgrades

As electric vehicles surge in popularity, the need to adapt and enhance charging capabilities is paramount. Explore the latest developments and strategies in upgrading infrastructure to support the growing demand for EV charging, and how this movement aligns with broader sustainability goals for a greener future.…

Airport Parking Managers' Discussion Topic

Elevating Efficiency with ANPR and FreeFlow Solutions

Explore the latest advancements in access control, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), and FreeFlow solutions. Discover how these technologies are reshaping security, traffic management, and operational efficiency in various sectors, and how their integration can lead to smoother and more streamlined processes.…

Airport Parking Managers' Discussion Topic

Innovations in Security, Parking Enforcement, and Wayfinding

Explore the critical components of security, parking enforcement, and wayfinding in airport parking facilities. Understand how innovative technologies and strategies are enhancing safety, compliance, and navigation for your customers throughout the parking process.…

Airport Parking Managers' Discussion Topic

Pre-booking, Valet Parking, and Customer Service

Discuss how pre-booking options and valet parking services are transforming the traveler experience at airports. Discover how these solutions enhance convenience, reduce stress, and streamline the arrival and departure process for airport passengers, ultimately making the journey more seamless and enjoyable.…

Airport Parking Managers' Discussion Topic

Unlocking Space and Optimizing Airport Parking Operations

Examine your current curb management strategies and consider how space utilization affects congestion, traffic flow and the overall customer experience. Discuss strategies and technologies that ensure a smoother, more efficient airport experience for travelers and operators alike.…

Airport Parking Managers' Discussion Topic

Website Management and Maximizing Online Parking and Related Add-On Sales

Exchange views on best practices that enhance user experience, drive conversions, and optimize revenue generation, ultimately ensuring a robust online presence and business success.…

More to come