Fleischhauer Datenträger

Fleischhauer is one of the leading European manufacturers of tickets, cards  and RFID products for identification and access control systems. Specialized know-how in material converting, decades of experience in identification  technologies and a core competency in personalization enable reliable  products for demanding applications. 


Certificates in the fields of quality, security and environment confirm  comprehensive efforts to provide our customers in more than 50 countries  worldwide with quality products, that comply with high security and  environmental standards. 


Fleischhauer runs two production facilities in Western Germany, that combine  highly-productive capacities, innovate product development, modern printing  technology and - last but not least - the enthusiasm of a motivated and  qualified team. 


With its specialization and long lasting experience, Fleischhauer has become a  worldwide respected partner for challenging ticketing and identification  products. Tickets and cards “made by Fleischhauer” allow millions of people  every day a quick and secure access to mass transportation systems and car  parks as well as to fairs, swimming pools and theme parks.


Fleischhauer Datenträger GmbH
Forellstrasse 120
44653 Herne


+49 2323 98779242


Contact Person
Melanie Tiemann
International Sales Manager


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Fleischhauer Datenträger