Utilization of Parking Guidance to Create Smoother Travel Experiences and Additional Revenues

Portier will discuss the importance and added value of parking guidance and how the utilization of latest parking guidance technology can benefit your business by increasing capacity utilization and providing a smoother travel experience. Portier HOST platform: unique and unmatched in flexibility allows any airport to create cost-efficient and functional parking guidance solutions that increase customer satisfaction and boost revenue. Portier HOST’s ability to integrate multiple technologies lends to a single, seamless user experience.  The combination of various technologies provides the opportunity to create value and utilization of big data whilst also driving cost-efficiency. Portier parking guidance family spans from simple induction loop counting to space-specific guidance with ultrasonic or camera-based sensors.

Parking is one of the key elements in creation of smooth journeys and also a significant value driver for the airport operator. Airport parking can be characterized by different user groups. The spectrum ranges from frequent business travelers, who  do not want to waste time on non-value adding activities such as parking, to the customer who rarely parks at the airport and may be anxious about their journey and the complexity of parking.  Both groups can greatly benefit from functional parking guidance which in turn increases revenues for the operator.