How Electric Mobility Will Impact Airport Parking in the Coming Years

With over three million electric vehicles on the road (both plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles), the adoption of electric mobility is rising and is estimated to keep growing steadily. Plug-ins are available in over 80 markets around the world, and there are at least 100 models coming to market by 2021.

Latest forecasts show sales of electric vehicles (EVs) increasing from a record of 1.1 million cars worldwide in 2017, to 10 million in 2025 alone. This means that by 2025 there will almost 30 millions EVs on the road. 

The impact on the parking industry will be significant as electric vehicles require charging at destinations, such as airports. Discover insights into the future of electric mobility and how it will impact the airport parking industry and what criteria you should have in mind when purchasing and building a scalable, smart and flexible charging infrastructure.

Learn tips and tricks from a leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging solutions, EVBox, and ensure a future-proof scenario for your airport.