Get the Best Customer Journey, Not When Flying... This Time, When Parking!

“The customer journey is the complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your company and brand. Instead of looking at just a part of a transaction or experience, the customer journey documents the full experience of being a customer”, Audra Sorman says.

Whether business or pleasure, it is essential to start and finish the trip on the right foot. The Airport Customer Experience starts when the customer enters the car park and ends when he leaves. Thus, the Parking Customer Journey is an important part of the overall experience and we have to take care of drivers’ satisfaction.

Our workshop will focus on the Parking Customer Journey of a driver inside the parking facilities from the moment he enters until he goes out. We will map out the customer journey process to discover how to increase customer satisfaction. Parking is no longer a side aspect of the overall airport experience.

ParkHelp offers the smartest parking experience, guiding customers efficiently to free parking spots and allowing them to easily locate their vehicle. We bring smart technology to parking, increasing profitability and cutting down operating costs.

Join us at our workshop for an interactive conversation on the importance of the Customer Journey, know how to improve it and all the benefits that can bring to your parking facilities!