Airport Parking Network Event 22 - 24 November 2020 - Location To Be Announced Soon You are Invited!

12th edition
Parking Network Event


Below you can find all workshops offered during this year's 11th edition of the Airport Parking Network Event!

Autopay Digitizing Parking to Enhance Personalization

2Park's workshop will focus on how digitizing parking can support airports and airlines in their quest to deliver a seamless, friction-free and personalized customer experience while driving an increase in parking revenue.
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The Changing Face of Airports

Join this session to understand how other airports are enhancing their parking business and using technology to help to combat the increasing competitive threat.
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10 Steps to Securing Airport Parking against Cyber Attacks and Digital Terrorism

In this workshop, we walk through common cyber attacks, what they’re after, and ten simple actions you can take to prepare and secure your infrastructure. Come prepared to learn about security, hear from other people in the industry and share your stories.
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Myth Busters: Is There a Parking Guidance System with Real ROI?

Our myth busters workshop has a very simple objective, to answer the question that every parking operator or owner has on their mind: is it worth investing in smart parking guidance and ALPR entry and exit solutions?
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Trends Shaping Airport Parking: The Convergence of Technology

Changes in consumer behavior and the convergence of technology are reshaping the airport parking industry. Join us for insight on how airport parking executives from around the world are investing in technology to keep pace with projected passenger growth, juggle changing capacity due to construction and infrastructure development, and respond to pressure from competing transport modes.
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EV Charging Requirements in Airports, Solutions for Every User

During this workshop, we will accompany different EV charging user profiles along their journey through airport parking to help operators maximize their revenue.
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Congested Inefficient Traffic Flow in Airport Parking

Ever more traffic creates a strain on the traffic in and outflow from airports. We would like to present solutions which will enable airports to have a ticketless parking area.
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Increasing Capacity with a Commercial-Grade Robotic Parking Solution

During this interactive workshop learn about the increased maturity of such a solution after two years of operation, which included the high-traffic summer of 2019, and find out more about our exciting remote monitoring platform.
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Why Automated Vehicle Identification is Key for Airports

During this interactive session, we will address the importance of highly reliable solutions for automatic vehicle identification and inspire you with our experience on how to further optimize airport parking and ground transport operations.
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How Parking Commercial Management Maximizes Revenues

As a group, we will explore how the three pillars of commercial management can be used to drive up revenues every day via a fun and interactive simulation. You will gain insight and knowledge from the session that you can take away and apply at your own airport immediately.
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The New Airport Parking Landscape - How Digitalization Generates New Opportunities

Join our interactive workshop to experience our digital solutions and to discuss opportunities for yourself and the industry.
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Booking Beyond the Web

In this interactive workshop, ParkVia will park the theory that ‘choice’ is king, with voice enabling us to move further towards the right option, first time for each and every customer. Together with delegates, ParkVia will showcase examples of this technology in action and discuss how you can take your own steps towards a more personalized airport experience for your customers.
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Is Airport Parking Always a Mess?

Join Portier's workshop to discuss novel guidance concepts that could be utilized to create additional value, as well as the growing airport parking trends such as pre-booked parking and the increasing number of electric vehicles.
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Capacity without Capital Expenditure: Freeing up Parking Capacity with Minimal Investment

Join us to discover how you can use car-sharing to free up capacity at your airport, and the environmental and infrastructure benefits this brings.
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Airport Parking Is (Not) Expensive

In this workshop, ParkEyes will show how unique technology will provide the best customer experience and change the driver's perception that the airport car park is expensive.
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