Which Workshops Can I Join?

During our Airport Parking Network Event, solution and service providers will lead hour-long, interactive workshops. As an attendee, you will be given the choice of joining six workshops in total over the course of our event. Following your choices, you will receive a completely personalized program shortly before the event. 


Unlocking Parking Profit: Mastering Strategies for Maximum Pre-Book Revenue

Join us for an engaging interactive workshop where we'll unravel the secrets of transforming airports into lucrative profit powerhouses using cutting-edge software tools. We’ll do this using a revitalised iteration of our famous interactive pricing strategy game. Harness your strategic prowess and outsmart your peers and colleagues where victory means…


Forecourt Revenue Management - An Important Source of Income

Forecourts at airports are often a hassle - limited space and high congestion in peak times. A holistic management of the forecourt for passenger drop-offs and pick-ups from private as well as commercial vehicles provides not only a better service and structure but delivers also revenue and income opportunities for…


Barrierless and digital. Come and learn how to make your airport parking operations future-proof!

We currently collaborate with 36 airports, assisting them in the digitization of their parking operations. Join us in this workshop to witness how we remove barriers and empower airports to embrace a digital approach to managing airport parking.…


Leveraging Mobile Apps and ANPR/LPR for Airport Parking

Airports are modernizing their parking operation including new systems for automatic license plate recognition (ANPR/LPR). ANPR/LPR can be connected to mobile apps to further improve the travel experience and monetization by the airport. This workshop will look into the benefits and challenges of this approach including financial benefits and improved…


Welcome Your Travelers, Business Partners and Airport Staff With a Seamless & Secure Mobility Experience

The actual challenge – or the opportunity – for airports is not only to digitalise, but to connect different separate components to one platform that provides a full end-to-end experience for your guests, at the same time also simplifies your operational life and contributes to your sustainability goals.…


Find The Missing MILLIONS $$$

In current market conditions, it is imperative to understand how to make the most of revenue-generating solutions. In order to maintain an edge in the industry, you need to be up to date with technology and the new solutions available to the sector. Credit Card payments have historically been a…

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