TraviPay Premium and Business for à la carte car parking

Digitalisation, Connected Cars, Connectivity – we are always online, constantly networking, information has to be accessible quickly from anywhere. Digitalisation is making great advances and affects expectations and customer behaviour in terms of individual mobility.

Join our workshop and find out how you can future-proof your airport parking systems regarding
to an optimized customer experience with maximum comfortable access and payment:

sunhill has combined all the common access technologies into one product and now allows for maximum ease when parking with the new TraviPay Premium Card:

In the field of off-street parking, sunhill is collaborating with the leading parking companies and providers of entry solutions. It is already possible to pay via the sunhill payment platform at 65 car parks. Later this year, the TraviPay Premium scheme will see the launch of the expanded integration of off-street parking via TraviPay, and will move the entire "parking with TraviPay" product to an even greater level of convenience. TraviPay customers will then be able to make contactless, cashless payments for their car parking. Premium customers will receive the TraviPay Premium Card, in which the common means of identification (RFID: long-range and short-range, QR code) used in the car parking industry will be combined.

About Sunhill Technologies

sunhill technologies GmbH is engaged in the development and establishment of mobile phone cashless payment methods and mobility services in conjunction with leading German and European mobile-communication companies. Since 2001, the company has been developing secure and convenient solutions for mobile payment and since then, in excess of two million customers in more than 200 locations all over Europe have been using sunhill payment systems. The company’s many years of experience in development and practical application makes sunhill technologies a reliable and competent partner for customers, cooperation partners and local authorities alike. sunhill technologies has taken on a pioneering role in the growth market of mobile payment in Europe, specializing in the mobile ticketing and parking by phone sectors. Volkswagen Financial Services AG is the majority shareholder of sunhill technologies since 2015.