Lyon Airport Parking: ‘’Access and Exit Control Systems’’ - A Showcase

One of the largest French airports has fully renewed its parking control system in order to optimize parking operations.

The new parking system monitors 18 different parking lots, 70 lanes and revenue collection equipment and manage in real time over 15 000 parking spaces.

The GEAPARK presentation will highlight new and innovative key features such as:

  • Distributed real-time architecture working with autonomous capability independent from central server,
  • Innovative control, management and limitation of free access for shuttle services on Kiss & Fly and Pick up / Drop off parking lots,
  • Real-time traffic flux monitoring and display of waiting time,
  • Innovative Kiss & Fly free parking supervision with management tools for waiting time operation, access rate allocation, access rights restriction using ANPR.
  • Hardware and software tools to help users to better locate and find their car on parks.

The presentation will close on key benefits and flexibility of the system for new operation schemes.

About GEA

G.E.A. designs, develops, manufactures, integrates, installs and maintains a full range of equipment: central computer systems, plaza computer systems, manual or automatic entry and exit lanes which accept all forms of payment (cash, currency, magnetic cards, bank cards, smart cards, subscriptions and ETC).

G.E.A. is a renowned provider of turnkey parking revenue collection systems with solid references acquired from the major car park operators such as Vinci Park, Saemes, Lyon Airport, Omniparc, Sepadef and a significant number of local authorities across France.