How rapid progress offers big potentials in airport parking


Digitalization, Mobile, Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud - Are these just buzzwords? Or do they influence airport parking in the coming years rapidly? How is the future-proofness of the parking system justified then? How quick and easy can your system react on fast-growing technology trends? How can you keep and grow the revenue stream and ensure the reliability of your system?

Responsible investing in airport parking systems always needs a strong prospective approach. Use the chance of this DESIGNA workshop at the Airport Parking Network Event and exchange with other high-professionals about the biggest airport parking challenges of the future and find out how to profit with future-proof technology.


Thinking differently. Acting differently. Finding a different way to succeed. Our clear, visionary standards have been helping DESIGNA to develop innovative products and services in the parking management sector for over 65 years. Founded in 1951 in Kiel/Northern Germany, today, DESIGNA’s global leading parking systems are used across the globe - from Germany, France and Italy, to Australia and the UK, to the United States. More than 16,000 systems have been installed so far, with two more added every day. Our innovative integrated equipment and intelligent software solutions make efficient parking management extremely easy on all media.

DESIGNA provides high-performance hubs with future-proof and intelligent parking technology at a low TCO level to create optimal revenue and efficiency. Customers are airports (Frankfurt, Sydney, New York/New Jersey (in progress)), shopping malls, hospitals and municipalities, hotels and private facility operators. DESIGNA’s story is one of continuing success and growth.