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Quercus Technologies - Connecting smart detection technologies: the intelligent parking path to make informed decisions, increase parking revenues and meet customers' needs

At Quercus Technologies we are specialists in license plate recognition and computer-vision technologies, and this year we have launched BirdWatch Smart Parking Suite, a web-based platform that integrates interconnected capabilities designed to provide the full control and security of any parking facility. BirdWatch is meant to turn any car park into smart parking facilities.

What can BirdWatch bring to your airport car park?

Can you imagine tracking all vehicle movements in your facilities? With BirdWatch you can know the license plate, the time and vehicle state at entry and the parking spot occupied. You can see video of all the movements taking place around the parked vehicle together of the video of its exit from the car park and the exact exit time. And … what can you do with all the information?

Streamline your parking revenues

You can now set a dynamic price strategy: divide your facilities into different zones and charge differently according to their location (closer to the gates, for instance) or their purposes (a zone exclusively for VIP customers, for e.g.).

Make informed decisions

Do you want to know when a particular car has entered your car park, how long did it stay and where was it parked? The different capabilities in BirdWatch retrieve this information for you to always make the right choice.

Keep your customers informed at any time

Provide your customers with the latest information of the flights and allow them to book on line their parking spot. Help them easily find a parking spot available with Spot Control capability and help them find their car only with their license plate.

Prevent vehicle thefts and false claims

The information provided by the interrelated capabilities allow you to keep track of everything and gives you solid evidence of what happen to a vehicle during its stay in the car park.

We know that excellence is not a short flight; it’s a continuous journey and we would like to help you have a comfortable journey to the future of smart parking. Join us at our workshop for an interactive conversation on what interconnectivity really means and all the benefits that can bring to your parking facilities!