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KOWEE - True and false ideas on Yield Management in the car park sector

Dynamic pricing or Yield Management techniques applied to the parking sector are more and more seen by the airports as a powerful leverage for non-aviation revenue optimization. However, do the classical Yield & Pricing recipes apply? Can’t they on the contrary lead to revenue dilution?

This workshop will help distinguish what should from what should not be done in terms of car park revenue optimization.

Based on simple case studies derived from real life observed situations, this workshop will challenge the most popular beliefs in the Yield domain, when applied to an airport car park. The participants will be invited to suggest pricing policies for each case situation and conclude by themselves on what is likely to work and what is less.

Kowee executives will help challenge, amongst others, questions like:

  • Should the tariffs be raised when the parks are planned to be saturated?
  • Is there any interest in optimizing the pre-bookings when the majority of vehicles (in most countries) consists in turn-ups? Can Yield techniques be applied to the turn-ups?

A success story from a French airport using a true car park Yield Management solution will be presented together with a business case giving indications about the potential gains of such solutions.