HUB Parking Technology

HUB Parking Technology - How to simplify your Airport Parking Management and increase your revenues

At HUB Parking Technology we know what the main challenges for Airport Parking Management are. Many of the world’s busiest passenger airports, already chose HUB as a trusted business partner ( ). The technical requirements are in constant evolution and it is fundamental to find a flexible, innovative and reliable technology partner.

Is it “just” parking? Today an effective and state-of-the-art parking solution should offer you full control and a smooth integration with several technologies, such as License Plate Recognition, Bay Monitoring, Guidance Systems, Variable Message Signs, Valet Parking, Credit Card Payments at central or exit pay stations, Chip & PIN payments, CC IN & CC OUT, Pre-Pay or Pre-Book through online booking reservation system, License Plate Inventory, Find your car functionality, Ground Transportation System, sophisticated Business Intelligence and Dynamic Rates. This allows you to have flawless operations, constant revenue generation and highest convenience for your customers.

Come and share your vision with other industry experts/professionals and let’s build together the ideal airport Parking Solution of tomorrow, combining both the latest technology and your current and future needs and challenges.