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Don't Just Fish in Google's Pond!

How do you market airport parking? Offline there's radio, newspapers, billboards...but it's hard to measure return-on-investment, and increasingly the eyeballs you want are online, anyway.

The trouble is, having an "online marketing" plan can sometimes boil down to something pretty narrow...well, two things: PPC and SEO. And then narrow down again, to mean PPC and SEO, exclusively with Google. Let's be clear: Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation on Google's platform are important, vital even. But they are only part of the whole online picture.

What happens if some customers never make it to Google's pond? What if (to stick with our hackneyed analogy), somebody hooks them before they get there?

If one thing is sure, online marketing is no longer straightforward. It's distributed and it's disparate. When it comes to volume, you have to work harder just to keep what you had last year.

The trick is recognising that more sales channels are out there; finding them, and then using them. That's where ParkCloud can help. With closed channels, where not just anybody can fish. Primary demand sources, where customers are drivers, and need airport parking. And all delivered only on results.

ParkCloud's workshop will help you to understand this fragmented space, and make it work for you. Giving you more places to fish. And, yes, ultimately more fish.