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Tiny changes can mean great results

Constantly improving the conversion of “lookers to bookers” in pre-book car parking is one the fundamental pillars in AeroParker’s development road map. The better conversion rates are, the more revenues airports will generate so when it comes to online checkout, optimising the user experience should be one of the key focuses for any airport.

At the AeroParker workshop this year we will be sharing with you, our expertise in UX design and best practice in online checkout design that we’ve implemented in the AeroParker customer booking journey. What works and what doesn’t work in real world applications. And as the title suggests how the smallest change can have the biggest effect on revenues.

AeroParker will be giving you tips that you can take away and easily implement to improve your revenues in a very short space of time. As is tradition, AeroParker’s workshops are interactive so we will also be inviting participants to build their own booking engine interfaces to see who can achieve the best conversion rates.