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 A simple membership based solution to solve your airport parking issues

While the business is often focused on offering a superior passenger experience, staff parking and managing the flow of taxis and buses around the airport often remain unresolved issues.

Working with airlines, taxi authorities and other concessions can become a daunting issue from a management and administration perspective. 

Discover how to implement a membership based solution that will enhance customer loyalty and service, whilst making it easier to manage staff parking and control ground transportation seamlessly.

This workshop will show:

  • How to implement a frequent parking membership scheme to encourage your customer to park more frequently, maximising the use of your parking inventory.
  • How one solution can be used to manage multiple concessions, making staff parking possible for airport, airline and other employees based at the airport.
  • How ground transport can be managed via a ticketless solution. Improving the flow of traffic around the airport.
  • How airports have implemented ticketless solutions for Frequent Flyer Parking, Staff Parking and Ground Transport Management, illustrated by real life examples.