TKH Parking Solutions

TKH Parking Solutions

How technology influences Airport Parking, increases revenues and drives efficiency

Innovative solutions for Airport Parking by unlocking customer service opportunities, revenue enhancement and operational efficiency.

Park Assist utilizes camera and complex vision algorithms to improve the efficiency and profitability of parking facilities through guidance, dynamic parking and monitoring. Park Assist’s API can plug into the facilities App or use Park Assist’s free App for facility availability and Find Your Car.

About TKH Parking Solutions

TKH Parking Solutions is a cluster of well-known TKH companies such as Park Assist, Flexposure and BB Lightconcepts with a clear focus on the parking industry with regard to revenue enhancement and cost efficiency. TKH Parking Solutions offers of range of centralized and remote applications for central management, online reservations, cross-marketing, yield management, mixed use, tiered parking, loyalty and guidance.
These solutions are part of a modular solution structure based upon proven and professional parking management services and products for the international parking industry.