HUB Parking Technology

HUB Parking Technology

How to simplify your Airport Parking Management and increase your revenues

At HUB Parking Technology we know what the main challenges for Airport Parking Management are. Many of the world’s busiest passenger airports, already chose HUB as a trusted business partner.

The workshop will showcase the JMS, Janus Management System, a cutting-edge, intuitive and user-friendly software solution to manage multiple parking locations and different types of HUB equipment with just one tool. It is highly scalable and perfectly adaptable to any type of installation, from the smallest to the most complex projects with high traffic levels. With JMS you can easily manage and control centrally all your HUB equipment and systems from any web-connected device, includingsmart phones and tablets.

JMS, the first tile-based Parking Management System, offers a very intuitive and user-friendly interface with Windows 8 styling, allowing you to use it with virtually no learning curve. JMS also offers the possibility to enhance, inform and improve your business performance through a customized digital signage solution.

A Ground Transportation System (GTS) is also a crucial part of the JMS functionalities and it allows the Parking manager to easily dispatch, monitor, track, control, charge fees and record commercial vehicle operations. Vehicles are associated with access media, including AVI transponders and proximity cards, which are utilized to authenticate and subsequently bill/charge an account. This system improves dramatically the automated dispatching processes, the management and control of on-demand taxi, Limousine services and Charter Buses and the operators access throughout the airport. The system also provides Ad Hoc reporting, monitoring of capacity at any given time and it eliminates driver’s pass and enforcement inefficiencies. Consequently, customer service improves by increasing security levels and providing guaranteed taxi availability.

About HUB Parking Technology

HUB Parking Technology is the FAAC Group Business Unit that develops, manufactures, installs and provides after-sales services for Parking Revenue Control Systems branded ZEAG, DATAPARK and FAAC. Through its local Group companies and distributors, it is represented in all five continents and more specifically in North & South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.