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Added value of Automated Parking Systems (APS) for airports

Airport parking is among the most expensive and a major financial contributor for the airport operators. However, for many travelers, premium prices are no obstacle when it comes to extra convenience and benefits such as:

  • Much shorter distance to check-in and gates
  • Simplified luggage handling
  • Robotic valet parking to reduce parking time and walking distance
  • Superior security for car, contents and passengers
  • Automated car wash while parked
  • Reservation systems for parking predictability

The conventional wisdom for airport parking says that long-term parking is land intensive (and placed where land is inexpensive…far away from the terminal) while short-term parking is capital intensive (expensive facilities close to the terminal).

This workshop discusses how automated parking systems (APS) eliminate the tradeoff between land cost and proximity to gates by creating premium parking spaces adjacent to main terminals on land parcels far too small to be usable for conventional parking solutions.

Topics addressed during the workshop include…

  • Using unusable space for parking at airports
  • APS benefits and conveniences for travelers
  • Security benefits of APS
  • How to realize VIP Parking close to the gate