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The New Value Chain for Airport Car Parking Operation

Objective of this workshop is to show how:

  • ePayment services help to save cost and to improve services
  • iReservation (eCommerce) increase business volume and improve customer relationship
  • the combination of both opens the future for airport car parking operation

I. ePayment services

  • need to fit into car parking business operations
  • have to be media break free, from entrance to bank transfer
  • provide transparent reporting and financial controlling data at any time

II. iReservation & eCommerce

  • generate incremental business for car parking operation
  • move airport car parking at new value chain position
  • help to generate new business and customer relationship

III. ePayment & iReservation (eCommerce) together:

  • need to be provided by one central service platform
  • generate additional cost advantages and service differentiations
  • improve profitability and efficiency