Enriched customer experience at airports

Passengers and airport operators equally benefit from new value offerings at the airport car park and terminal that are designed to improve passenger flow and increase the variety of services. A good example for an enabling technology behind stands the application of the new wireless technology NFC (Near Field Communication) that is predicated soon to be used for future mobile travel services. SKIDATA will take up the opportunities that NFC brings with it for services related to airport car park management and will address the benefits from the passengerĀ“s and airportĀ“s perspective that arise from NFC as a medium for access & identification, payment and information. Interaction and communication with passengers increase whilst the individual stakeholders are incentivized to embrace a collaborative approach to automation through the newest mobile phone technology (e.g. intermodal travel concepts for car, bus and flight travel to and from the airports comparable to integrated
Park&Ride applications in cities). Airport loyalty programs and electro mobility services are two further examples that are being supported by NFC.

SKIDATA invites all airports to participate in its interactive workshop where the individual feedback and input is being highly appreciated by the SKIDATA team!