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Access control for Ground transportations using RFID

Long range RFID is today used in a number of application areas such as Shuttle busses, Airport Taxi, Airport service vehicles and passenger Parking. There are different technologies to be used in these installations. Depending on which technological is used there are pros and cons to be taken into consideration. What is the most suitable solution for the different challenges? Based on the experience from a number of installations in all parts of the world the discussion held in this workshop will address some of these challenges.

  • Brief intro to TagMaster
  • Short presentation of a few Reference installations where long range RFID is used in airports
  • What were the challenges in these installations
  • Participants Brainstorming session to find suitable topics for discussion:
  • What type of installations are you looking at where you think that long range RFID may be a solution?
  • What are the challenges related to these installations?
  • Discussion related to the identified challenges:
  • Pros and Cons
  • Possible Solutions