How to generate non-aeronautical revenue at airports

Thanks to flexible sales platforms car park and airport operators can generate additional revenue through sales of value-added services (individual travel packages incl. valet parking, access to business lounges, etc. whilst supporting frequent traveler cards for example). Online reservation & booking portals and on-site kiosks bring those services close to the passenger.

For the airport it means linking parking to the airport terminal through the sales of services that go beyond parking including in-depth analysis of the respective transactions and customer travel preferences.

Furthermore the session gives an overview of how modern technology can assist in managing workflows related to passenger processing at airports; e.g. benefi ts of central and remotecontrol of car park components incl. the overall system environment that is adapted to the airport security concept. Comprehensive solutions are designed to integrate systems beyond the car park, allowing for overall and comprehensive monitoring of the overall airport infrastructure.

Questions to the audience: Which products do airport operators wish to sell in addition to create added-value for the passenger? (access to car park and business lounge with one data carrier, combined payments, etc.). Is there an overall process chain thinking - from car park arrival to
boarding? Do airport operators want to jointly manage and control the overall system environment from the car park and the airport? Which data from the car park and the airport terminal from check-in to boarding do operators increasingly wish to combine and analyse?