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Digitalization in Airport Parking - Impact to Operations and Customer Behaviour

The world is changing faster than ever before. Developments accelerate one another and trends cannot be seen separately any longer but as a part of a complex cohesive evolution. That makes it hard, especially businesswise, to predict and anticipate on the near future. However, if we look at four big worldwide trends that affect almost every aspect of life, we see that two of them impact airport parking probably more than all others; the digital revolution and sustainability.

In this workshop, we want to dive into these two trends and discuss their impact on your day-to-day parking business. How does digitalization change the way customers behave? How can you anticipate and at what speed? What does it mean for your operations, services, and revenue? How do you manage the growing demands for e-charging?

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Salvador Rios
Senior Business Development Manager
Henk Domenie
Director of Strategic Global Business Development Parking Solutions