Aena Car Parks: A Successful Showcase

Aena manages 46 airports and 2 heliports in Spain and Aena Internacional is present in 23 airports in five countries including Mexico, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Jamaica and Columbia. 

In 2019 Aena was the main airport operator in terms of passenger volume with 293.3 million passengers. With so many airports under their management and with the latest reported figures of more than 97% of pre-pandemic passenger levels recovered in October 2022, we'll hear more about how Aena manage their airport parking operations across their network during a presentation given on the morning of Monday 28th November during APNE 2022.




Marta Abardía Meneses
Director of Commercial Services, Aena
Marta Andrés Hermán
Head of Mobility, Aena
Manuel Barrios Bel
Managing Director, UTE EAS