Innova Group Systems

New Features Based on LPR for Airport Parking Access

How can deep learning ALPR solutions be useful for Airports? There is no doubt, technology is essential to the future of the air transport industry as any other industry. Airports have to enhance many requirements such as high security level procedures and excellent and fluid user experience at parking areas to ensure sustainable methods for business growth. This can only be done with technology, that's why at Innova Systems Group we have developed a new software for license plate recognition named SIRAM OCR 5 based on deep learning technology that uses AI algorithms. This new technology offers an impressive accuracy rates in the reading of license plates that go beyond 99%. Due to its versatility, fast deployment and full integration with many protocols, SIRAM OCR 5 is currently implemented in more than 10 car parks at Spanish airports. The use of deep learning is a clear bet on smart mobility, and at Innova we know how to maximize results and functionalities in access control through video analysis.


Juli Verge
Sales Manager