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Freeflow Identification Technologies for a Contactless Future

Covid is driving the need to reduce physical touchpoints in regard to the entrance and exit of vehicles to terminal areas and parking facilities at airports. Next to enhanced customer experience during entrance and exit and reduction of cash in the parking transaction, also safety is becoming of key importance in designing vehicle access for airport ground transport operations and access to parking facilities. Contactless and freeflow identification of vehicles to and from the terminal forecourts and the car parks will be considered as ‘the new normal’ to comply with new health and security requirements, especially during these Covid 19 times. In addition these current Covid times also allow for upgrading of vehicle access to the airport in order to be prepared for traffic volume for the future. Automated freeflow vehicle entry and exit improves vehicle throughput and ensures secure identification of vehicles and frictionless entry and exit process at terminal forecourts and the car park in any situation. During this workshop we will present the latest freeflow identification technologies that offer a welcoming experience for airport visitors.


Ido Wentink
Proposition Manager, Vehicle Identification
Evelien O'Sullivan
Proposition Manager