Myth Busters: Is There a Parking Guidance System with Real ROI?

Our myth busters workshop has a very simple objective, to answer the question that every parking operator or owner has on their mind: is it worth investing in smart parking guidance and ALPR entry and exit solutions? And when we say worth, we are talking specifically about monetary return on investment.

Over the past few years, the parking industry has begun modernizing its facilities and services with the latest ALPR technology, and the benefits to the customer have become clear. However, the real question for parking operators and owners is whether or not the investment will pay off.

Our workshop will begin with an overall picture of the state and prospects of the parking sector. We will then examine in detail, the usual problems and difficulties operators and owners face in their day-to-day activity, and how a smart parking guidance system can (or cannot) solve them. After this, we will concentrate on the main concerns when operating a parking facility, from increasing rotation and guaranteeing security to improved efficiency and cutting costs.

By the end of the workshop, we will have considered the direct financial repercussion of parking guidance and ALPR to elucidate if it is intelligent to invest in smart parking.

Presenter: Víctor M. Roig, Business Development Manager - Mobility Division

With a Telecommunications Engineer and Business Administration degree, Víctor manages EMEA region as a parking guidance specialist. His main responsibility is business development. He joined Quercus in 2013 with a solid background in customer, projects and service management in the public and private sectors.