Autopay Digitizing Parking to Enhance Personalization

How are airports personalizing the customer journey?  How are they collecting Big Data?  How can digitized parking support airports and airlines customization of the customer journey?

This workshop is hosted by former airline loyalty feature specialist, from SAS, and former airline executive, from Ryanair & Norwegian. The workshop will focus on how digitizing parking can support airports and airlines in their quest to deliver a seamless, friction-free and personalized customer experience while driving an increase in parking revenue.

This year, our revenue management system has introduced and initiated dynamic pricing for operators and landlords in order to optimize their revenue. Go dynamic now and outcompete your competitors.

2Park is a tech company intending on bringing innovative solutions to the market.  Our focus is on digitizing parking and disrupting the way parking is managed and perceived.  The belief being that parking should be a seamless and hassle-free experience.