10 Steps to Securing Airport Parking against Cyber Attacks and Digital Terrorism

As airport parking becomes increasingly automated, it also becomes vulnerable to cyber-attacks and digital terrorism. We’re already seeing public infrastructure such as power grids, election systems, and city governments come under attack, and airport parking is an equally attractive target. Don’t be on the front page of the newspaper because you ignored the threat. In this workshop, we walk through common cyber attacks, what they’re after, and ten simple actions you can take to prepare and secure your infrastructure.

This is an interactive session, come prepared to learn about security, hear from other people in the industry and share your stories.

Presenter: Ed Robinson, Chief Product Officer 

Ed Robinson is Chief Product Officer at Parking Sense, and oversees product innovation, including hardware and software development. Prior to Parking Sense, Ed has a background in enterprise software companies, including NGINX, MuleSoft, Microsoft, Riverbed Technology and Aptimize Software. Ed lives in San Francisco California.