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Scheidt & Bachmann Parking Solutions GmbH is a leading provider of integrated, modular system solutions for parking management at airports of any size – from local airports to highly frequented international airports.


With solutions from Scheidt & Bachmann Parking Solutions GmbH, the digital transformation of parking is actively shaped and supported in various forms. And, installations in more than 110 airports worldwide ensure stress-free parking for employees, as well as a relaxed arrival for passengers.


Interfaces to reservation systems for parking spaces in the garages, convenient entry and exit through various media such as license plate recognition or QR codes, as well as a variety of payment options from cash to credit card payment to payment via app allow the travelers a relaxed start and end to their journey.


We offer holistic solutions that are customer-friendly, efficient, and future-proof. What could be more obvious than relying on state-of-the-art, fully integrated sustainable concepts that meet your requirements?


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