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The Assured Group has a proud history of top-of-the-line service delivery and guaranteed customer satisfaction. We are the single largest vehicle and facility management company within our industry, offering niched and highly specialised services to meet the full spectrum of our clients’ demands. We are also the only pan-European fleet services enterprise, spanning borders from Austria, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and across the channel, operating in the UK as well as the Republic of Ireland.


Incorporated in 1996 as part of the Assured Group, we are proud that we are one of only a few companies in our industry that remains privately owned and financed. This has given us the ability to operate independently, largely unaffected by economic cycles and thus allowing us to provide a consistent and competitively priced service delivery at high quality.


With this promise of consistency and reliability, Assured has built up an extensive and long-standing client portfolio in the automotive, tourism and hospitality industries – these include Airports, Car Rental Companies, Dealerships, Hotels, Logistical Operations and Office Operators.



115 rue Claude nicolas Ledoux, Centre Hemeris


+49 (0) 151 4214 7142


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Haakon R. Holm
Managing Partner


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Assured Europe