Airport Parking Network Event Paris, November 18 - 20, 2018 You are invited!

10th edition
Parking Network Event


More workshops to be announced! 

Digitizing Parking to Enhance Personalization

This workshop is hosted by former airline loyalty feature specialist, from SAS, and former airline executive, from Ryanair & Norwegian. The workshop will focus on how digitizing parking can support airports and airlines in their quest to deliver a seamless, friction-free and personalized customer experience while driving an increase in parking revenue.
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Do Online Parking Platforms Simply Improve the Customer Experience, or Are They a Tool to Drive Revenue Growth?

Join this interactive session to; See how parking platforms are used across the world’s airports Learn how a platform can do more than manage reservation or frequent parkers Evaluate what’s needed in your business and how best to achieve this
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What Is Success?

AeroParker will be delivering another lively, informative workshop where you can share ideas, discuss their merits and learn how to clarify and gauge success for your airport and your customers.  We will be showing a range of valuable metrics you can use and how they can add significant value to your parking business, in terms of quantifiable benefits.
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How Electric Mobility Will Impact Airport Parking in the Coming Years

The impact on the parking industry will be significant as electric vehicles require charging at destinations, such as airports. Discover insights into the future of electric mobility and how it will impact the airport parking industry and what criteria should you have in mind when purchasing and building a scalable, smart and flexible charging infrastructure.
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How to Select the Right Lighting for Your Parking Garage

A detailed interactive presentation on how to choose the right lighting solution for car park applications; focusing on explaining the technical considerations, avoiding pit falls, advising on multiple commercial approaches and maximising ROI.
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Are You a Revenue Rockstar?

In this workshop, attendees will learn about the immediate and significant opportunity for airports to unlock rapid profit growth from parking. Test your instincts in our latest Revenue Management Challenge and see if you can pick the most profitable mix of customers and best price bookings for your car park.
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"Swift Drop-Off", ParKam New Solution for Airports Traffic Bottle Neck at Drop-Off

ParKam’s most recent release, Swift Drop-off, is the outcome of our ongoing efforts to deliver a holistic, end to end solution, to the airports vertical market. As each Airport has its unique characteristics, Swift Drop-off, allows you to fully customise every aspect of the solution, from the setup right through the display.
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Parking Is From Venus, Drivers Are From Mars

In this interactive workshop, ParkCloud will creatively explore the road to personalising the booking journey and how this can be successfully facilitated with the help of an aggregator. Working together with delegates, ParkCloud will showcase examples of this technology in action and discuss how you can take your own steps towards a more personalised airport experience for your customers.
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Get the Best Customer Journey, Not When Flying... This Time, When Parking!

Our workshop will focus on the Parking Customer Journey of a driver inside the parking facilities from the moment he enters and until he goes out. We will map out the customer journey process to discover how to increase the customer satisfaction. Parking is no longer a side aspect of the overall airport experience.
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Know Your Customer - Novel Revenue Opportunities with Parking Guidance

Know your customer - novel revenue opportunities with parking guidance
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