Welcome Your Travelers, Business Partners and Airport Staff With a Seamless & Secure Mobility Experience

The actual challenge – or the opportunity – for airports is not only to digitalise, but to connect different separate components to one platform that provides a full end-to-end experience for your guests, at the same time also simplifies your operational life and contributes to your sustainability goals.

The SKIDATA workshop will give you insights and inspiration how to grow convenience for travelers and reduce complexity for your operations staff along the whole journey:


 - Simple booking and navigation to ideal parking spaces
 - Easy and secure license plate-based access for travelers, companies, and public transport that also provides you with more visitor information
 - INSPIRATIONAL CONCEPT: Automated valet parking (the car parks itself while the driver is on their way to the gate) as VIP guest service
 - Fully integrated EV charging & parking – no registration, one payment also by smartphone
 - Instant help for finding your car after returning from your trip
 - Simple staff and visitor parking self-management for business parkers and companies
 - All-in-one system with flexible connection to your airport system landscape to avoid complexity and integration costs



Peter Schönleitner
Peter Schönleitner
Business Segment Manager