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In current market conditions, it is imperative to understand how to make the most of revenue-generating solutions. In order to maintain an edge in the industry, you need to be up to date with technology and the new solutions available to the sector. Credit Card payments have historically been a headache or a nuisance but today, it could be your significant added value. If you manage to find the right provider/partner, you can turn lost opportunities into net gains for your revenue. There are various factors when choosing a partner for your payment solutions that one must consider: service & support, product deployment and development, viability & reliability, and the overall trajectory of the partner you have chosen to support your needs.


Planet Payment Solutions are focused on generating additional revenue for our merchants by bringing together our latest terminal technology with our all-in-one payment services, covering gateway and acquiring solutions within one contract. We will show how using the correct technology, certified to accept all payment types including all forms of contactless payments, can speed up customer transactions. Thus, reducing friction for clients and providing improved revenue to our partners, with a more reliable system. We will walk through card payments 101, explaining each area of payments step-by-step and allowing any of the participants to ask the difficult questions.

At the end of this workshop, all our attendees should have an evolved knowledge of:

- Credit Card Payment transaction flows
- General Credit Card Payment Fees
- What scheme fees are and how they vary depending on card types
- What net settlements are and how improving the time to settle can improve cash flow
-Terminal options/PCI versions
- P2PE Solutions
-Credit Card Solutions and the trajectory for 2024

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Christopher Octon
Christopher Octon
SVP, Global Unattended & Director of Sales, Unattended, North America
Unna Tsysin
Unna Tsysin
Director of Sales, North America