Navigating the Future with DESIGNA’s Modular Ticketless Solutions

Welcome to an immersive workshop aimed at revolutionizing frictionless airport parking with DESIGNA, a pioneer with over 70 years of continuous innovation in the parking industry. Made for professionals working in airport environments, our workshop will dive into future-proof, modular, ticketless parking solutions.

Key Highlights:

  1. Our Flexible & Scalable Approach to Parking: Delve into DESIGNA’s commitment to unparalleled flexibility and scalability, focusing on accommodating today’s demanding airport environments and the ever-evolving technological landscape. Understand how to adapt and upgrade systems to meet emerging technologies and ensure continuous digitization. Open technologies and striking a balance to cater to diverse customer needs in the future are Key.
  2. Hybrid Mode for Gradual Transition: Introducing a Hybrid Mode for Ticketless – a blend of modern and traditional practices, perfect for environments not yet ready for a complete shift to ticketless systems. Learn how to manage a smooth transition with simple upgrades. 

  3. Gated, Semi-Gated, & Free-Flow Ticketless Options: Explore the gated ticketless and semi-gated variants designed for professionals seeking to maintain secured parking spaces while eliminating paper tickets. Furthermore, we discuss Free-Flow solutions and help you understand the benefits of each and determine which suits your needs.

  4. Digital Integrations & Exception Handling: Gain insights into our digital solutions, integrate third-party systems, and manage exceptions in high-traffic airport environments. Learn how DESIGNA’s digital solutions can be customized to address every unique challenge effectively.


Join us on a journey to reshape airport parking, ensuring agility, flexibility, and a future-driven modular and digital approach with DESIGNA.



Christian Grzona
Christian Grzona
Chief Digital Officer
Johann Bülow
Johann Bülow
Head of international Business Management