Forecourt Revenue Management - An Important Source of Income

Forecourts at airports are often a hassle - limited space and high congestion in peak times. A holistic management of the forecourt for passenger drop-offs and pick-ups from private as well as commercial vehicles provides not only a better service and structure but delivers also revenue and income opportunities for airports. Free-flow solutions are important to ensure a smooth flow and embeds the forecourt in the surrounding traffic situation.


In this workshop we want to exchange ideas for terminal drop-off charges as well as taxi management solutions and reflect on their commercial conditions. Apart from that, we will discuss the following questions amongst others: Which legal requirements have to be fullfiled and how does the collaboration work with local police, firemen and other security institutions? What is the impact on the security? What is the consumer perception and how is this service valued?


Frank van der Sant
Frank van der Sant
Chief Commercial Officer