The Urban Air Revolution: eVTOLs and You

In this future oriented keynote presentation, we'll delve into the dynamic world of electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, offering insights into both piloted and unmanned eVTOLs. We'll unravel where we stand in this remarkable journey of urban air mobility today and when we can anticipate the inaugural AirTaxi taking flight in our cities.

eVTOL graphic

Furthermore, we'll examine how these innovative aerial vehicles could potentially revolutionize not only our transportation landscape but also how they might directly influence your daily operations. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the eVTOL revolution and its far-reaching implications for the future of urban mobility. Join us as we explore the limitless possibilities that eVTOLs offer in reshaping the way we move in urban environments.


Michael Schweers
Michael Schweers
Managing Director


Sunday, November 12Room

16:00 - 17:00 Plenary Room