The Evolution of Leadership in Smart Cities - Keynote Speech, Richard van Hooijdonk

In our rapidly changing world, smart cities are dynamic, data-driven organisms that demand innovative leadership. However, this transformation extends beyond cityscapes; it's a global imperative. Future leaders must steer organizations into an uncertain tomorrow with adaptability, technology-savviness, and visionary thinking.


Evolution of Leadership


These leaders understand that major changes require diverse, skilled workforces and an inspiring culture. They navigate their organizations using data, fostering experimentation and global collaboration. They are visionaries who take calculated risks while ensuring a dynamic yet safe working environment.


In this keynote, we explore these transformative leaders, offering compelling examples and practical insights to put future leadership into practice. The acceleration of change is here, and these leaders are ready to lead us into the future. Are you prepared to join them?


Richard van Hooijdonk
Richard van Hooijdonk
Keynote Speaker, Trend Watcher & Futurist


Monday, November 13Room

09:00 - 10:00 Plenary Room