Beyond the Horizon - Speech, Pieter Arts

In an era marked by rapid advancements and transformative changes, the energy and transport sectors stand at the cusp of a monumental shift. This isn't just about new technologies or innovations; it's about understanding the intricate web of economic implications, market disruptions, and the profound transformation of two of the world's largest industries. The stakes? A massive redistribution of capital, the likes of which history has seldom seen.



Pieter, a sustainable energy investor and strategist, delves deep into these transitions. With a rich background as a banker, the former CFO of a trailblazing energy firm, and an author in the making, he brings a unique blend of financial acumen and sustainable energy vision. His approach is rooted in first principles, urging us to challenge our biases, question the status quo, and seek deeper insights.


In this talk, Pieter will guide us through the maze of energy and transport transitions, shedding light on the unseen driving forces and the impacts on old and new business models. He challenges us to redefine change, to view it from a fresh perspective, and to embrace the future with informed understanding.


Pieter Arts
Pieter Arts
Sustainable Energy Investor & Strategist