Parking Management Solution – park more cars:

  • Create the best conditions for full utilization of the parking area and increase revenue with  Schedules and Zone-divided parking.
  • Offer the end-user a seamless parking experience with flexible payment solutions, special  agreements and app-integration.
  • Make it easy to find an available spot, offer less queuing time and keep CO2 emissions at a  minimum with our Free spot navigation, Parking guide and Freeflow system.
  • Get complex and detailed data with useful filters from the BI-module in order to gain  advantages in regards to future decision-making.


Taxi Management System – taxis on time:

  • Guarantee your end-users a pre-defined maximum waiting time with our Traffic forecast management system that gives full control of taxi and bus traffic at the airport.
  • Manage all taxi and bus traffic with the most efficient system customized to handle all scenarios possible and follow all rules and regulations at your location.
  • Handle driver behavior with smart regulating tools based on country-specific rules and laws
  • Gain full control with integration to taxi companies or drivers represented by “ridesharing” services.
  • Grant specific rewards and advantages to e.g. zero-emission taxis.


Our solutions offer unique, forward thinking and value-adding functions, for both the end-user and the facility owner.


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