Bluetop Solar Parking

Bluetop Solar Parking specializes in development and production of solar carport systems.

Bluetop and partners can transform your existing parking area into a sustainable generator of electricity – and give you revenue and benefits from covered parking.

  • Reduce carbon footprint and usage of fossil sources - meet your ESG targets.
  • Cut costs of electricity – and get certainty for your electricity costs.
  • Create your own local energy production - limit grid usage and dependence.
  • Increase your revenue by increased parking fees covered parking / shelter and shade.
  • Combine with EV Chargers, become ready for EV´s.
  • Utilize existing car park as alternative to or in combination with other PV installation.
  • Get shade and reduce need for air conditioning.
  •  Comply with coming national legislation about electric mobility.

ZERO INVESTMENT: The most usual way to finance investments in renewable energy is through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Investor and consumer fixes the electricity rate for a certain number of years. Bluetop can suggest partners for PPA financing.

As an international market leader Bluetop delivered commercial solar carport systems to 16 countries and for more than 80 projects.


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