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"Swift Drop-Off", ParKam New Solution for Airports Traffic Bottle Neck at Drop-Off

ParKam’s most recent release, Swift Drop-off, is the outcome of our ongoing efforts to deliver a holistic, end to end solution, to the airports vertical market.

Based on continued engagement with multiple Airports across the world, ParKam identified the need to resolve the traffic bottleneck near the terminal entrance and developed a world first solution to resolve the chaos facing travels entering the terminal.

The solution utilities image processing algorithms and AI, which are fed of CCTV real-time streaming. The accurate availability is then displayed on customised VM Signs.

As each Airport has its unique characteristics, Swift Drop-off, allows you to fully customise every aspect of the solution, from the setup right through the display.

The system communicates with ParKam’s state of the art BI tool and delivers heat maps and dashboard reporting to management along with the enforcement module that will send alerts to the officer on site via their mobile device.