10th edition
Parking Network Event


A step by step interactive session with a real-life simulation designed to demonstrate the incremental increases that can be achieved in car parking and ancillary revenues when pricing is optimised via easy to use yielding functionality.
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Airport Direct Travel

The Airport Direct Travel presentation will focus on using e/m-commerce to promote and sell Airport Products, in particular via parking, which is a significant revenue stream, next to aeronautical and retail activity including Food and Beverage.
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There is often an urgent need to control the flow of taxis and buses within a limited area in front of the terminal(s). APCOA PARKING has developed a software based system to manage taxi and bus movements.
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HUB Parking Technology

At HUB Parking Technology we know what the main challenges for Airport Parking Management are. Many of the world’s busiest passenger airports, already chose HUB as a trusted business partner.
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Inventive IT

Our workshop will discuss the revenue opportunities presented by offering a car park reservation system. Of relevance to airports already offering car park reservations, the workshop will also cover occupancy forecasting and revenue management.
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Nedap identification Systems

Nedap has been participating with the APNE for a number of years now. This year we would like surprise the attendants a little with a different setup of the meeting than usual. What that is? Just join us and find out.
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How many of you consider aggregators for airport parking as a problem? Some of the most common problems laid at the feet of these comparison platforms are increased competition, a loss of market share, decreased service quality, and mistrust of on-site parking facilities. ParkCloud’s own comparison platform, ParkVia, receives over 10million visits a year, promoting over 1,000 parking providers around the world.
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Do you sometimes have insight regarding what should be done to increase revenue but you cannot access enough supporting data? Have you already got the intuition that there were hidden correlations between parking user behaviors and other factors like period of the year, time between home and airport, flight schedule, taxi and bus flow, social level of client, loyalty… but no real proof?
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TKH Parking Solutions

Park Assist utilizes camera and complex vision algorithms to improve the efficiency and profitability of parking facilities through guidance, dynamic parking and monitoring. Park Assist’s API can plug into the facilities App or use Park Assist’s free App for facility availability and Find Your Car.
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