10th edition
Parking Network Event

The Business Case for Pre Book Parking. Why offer bookable parking?

For airports already generating significant revenues from roll up / pay on foot customers it's often difficult to build a business case to justify investment into a parking reservation system. This open workshop will discuss some of the factors to consider when building a business case
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Marketing and pre-booking: airport parking’s winning combination

The aim of this workshop is to detail how marketing and pre-booking can work together for you, enhancing your current activity and boosting not only your access to customers, but also theirs to your airport.
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Energy efficient LED lighting

65%+ savings on energy and service costs, without investment. More than 200 satisfied references in the parking world. 100.000 hours lifetime and 10 years service free!
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Added value of Automated Parking Systems (APS) for airports

This workshop discusses how automated parking systems (APS) eliminate the tradeoff between land cost and proximity to gates by creating premium parking spaces adjacent to main terminals on land parcels far too small to be usable for conventional parking solutions.
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In control of all vehicle and driver related activities

During our workshops we will explain how Nedap’s identification systems and mobility solutions add significant value to your pre-booking or internet reservation concepts and your customer retention programs.
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