10th edition
Parking Network Event

Seamless travelling – Airport IT empowering parking operations

The synergies of an airport IT company empowering an airport operator resulting in a seamless traveling experience. Latest technologies and operational processes built a bridge to aviation.
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Beyond pre booking:Maximising the return on your e-commerce offering

Inventive IT will be holding an open forum workshop to explore the various opportunities presented by the introduction of a pre booking system. We will explore not only pre booking websites; but how once pre booking is in place, you can evolve the system based on your specific commercial requirements.
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Understanding technology to secure airport traffic flow

This workshop is about available parking technology to optimize airport traffic flow. Nedap AVI specializes in solutions for long range identification of vehicles and wireless parking sensors.
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Cross Marketing Opportunities How eCommerce approaches help you to drive your car park business

Online sales and other eCommerce features from an important part of today’s Airport Parking Operation.
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Touch and feel what web-based services can do for your business

Successful business models are turning increasingly to online services. With sweb® (SKIDATA’s web-based services) you improve your business in all areas. Unique sweb applications are software-as-a-service modules.
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Car Parks at Airports – Trends for the Future

Zeag will present trends of future requirements in car parks at airports. The focus will be on the exchange of data with 3rd party systems to process validations, payments of purchased items in shops, loyalty cards of airlines, ERP systems, management of car parks etc.
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