10th edition
Parking Network Event

The future for parking is pre-booking. Schiphol and Chauntry lead the way

The workshop will explore what pre-booking delivers to the airport and to their customers both now and in the future.
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New Revenue Streams through single space digital imaging

This workshop will focus on how best to quantify the financial payback of these new opportunities and brainstorm ways to ensure implementation is managed effectively.
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Number plate inventory systems - a comparative analysis

A discussion of Number Plate Inventory Systems for airports comparing manual, handheld, mobile and in-lane systems.
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How to save 65% on light energy without investment!

Rentalite offers ways to go green instantly, without investment.
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Reduce costs and increase revenues – How innovations help you drive your Airport Parking Business

Reducing costs by increasing the efficiency of parking operations, and increasing revenues via offering new and innovative parking products and opening new sales channels.
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Enriched customer experience at airports

SKIDATA will take up the opportunities that NFC brings with it for services related to airport car park management and will address the benefits from the passenger´s and airport´s perspective that arise from NFC as a medium for access & identification, payment and information.
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Access control for Ground transportations using RFID

Long range RFID is today used in a number of application areas such as Shuttle busses, Airport Taxi, Airport service vehicles and passenger Parking. There are different technologies to be used in these installations.
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Parking - Ultimate Technology-Based Self-Service?

How can parking technologies help improve customer service?
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