12th edition
Parking Network Event

How to generate non-aeronautical revenue at airports

Linking parking to the airport terminal through the sales of services that go beyond parking including in-depth analysis of the respective transactions and customer travel preferences.
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Increasing Non-Aviation Revenues by Online Pre-Booking Systems for Car Parks

An advanced online pre-booking system for car parks combined with intelligent yield management guarantees for a wide range of benefits for airports, car park operators and customers alike.
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When Parking is taking off

We will work through how parking is the start of the customer experience when starting a trip, how parking technology has developed and the differing modalities and payment technologies to ensure the consumer experience is one of ease of use.
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Creating efficient lighting

Efficiency improving in parking areas. Efficiency in Maintenance, sustainability, safety and improvement of image. Is that all possible with low investments and a short payback?
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Cost-Effective and Convenient - New RFID technology for Vehicle Identification

New passive UHF-technology enables cost-effective, secure and convenient vehicle identification
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Car parks – protecting your investment

Through effective waterproofing, surfacing and protection of the structure using Triflex materials, the damage can be prevented and the effects of inadequacies in the design and construction can be mitigated.
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