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Skyline Parking

Skyline Parking AG, headquartered in Winterthur/CH, develops, sells and builds newest generation automated parking systems in Europe and other selected global markets. In parking systems like these, the vehicle is parked in an entry lobby. It’s then transported to a parking space fully automatically before being returned to the exit lobby at the customers’ request. The transport technology used is no rocket science - we encounter it everywhere in our day-to-day lives: at the checkouts when we go shopping, collecting our luggage at the airports. Conveyor belts! Old, trusted and reliable technology meets the highest level of space efficiency.

Skyline systems are most suitable for areas where there’s a shortage of space, land is expensive or a conventional system isn’t feasible. As they don’t require any pedestrian routes, access ramps, maneuvering areas, passenger lifts etc., they save around 50% of building volume and 70% of ground area.

Lagerhausstrasse 3

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Ladina Caluori
Marketing Manager

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