Airport Parking Network Event Paris, November 18 - 20, 2018 You are invited!

10th edition
Parking Network Event


GEA PARK is the new identity of access control systems for parking developed and marketed by GEA. GEA is a recognized leader for toll systems and has a long record of successes in more than 30 countries. With over 200 high-tech employees dedicated to development and manufacturing of toll solutions, we can provide turn-key systems for long term operation. In house development of systems and software can offer standard or custom made solution and a proven long life time.

The new GEA PARK offer fits most demanding requirement with advanced design tailored for optimal operation in various environments from single to complex multi-parks systems. GEA has recently equipped ‘’La Defense ’’ in Paris being one of the largest parking complex in Europe or 20 P+R including Public Transport ticket issuance in Nantes or the  large and rich featured Lyon Airport Parking System.

12 Chemin de Malacher
Meylan 38243


Telephone  +33 4 76 90 72 72
Fax: +33 4 76 41 00 83


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Philippe Thoreau
Commercial Director

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